2019 Lincoln MKZ Review & Changes

2019 Lincoln MKZ Review & Changes – The Lincoln MKZ is now in its second generation, and just acquired a main revise for the 2019 model year. In accordance with the video media support, the mid-size Lincoln four-door is going to be axed near the end of the ten years, when the present model actually reaches the end of its lifestyle cycle. Autoline’s John McElroy cites a document from AutoForecast Remedies, which affirms several creations goes will force the MKZ’s dying.

2019 Lincoln MKZ Changes 2019 Lincoln MKZ Review & Changes

2019 Lincoln MKZ Changes

Chief and this includes: Ford will shift the Focus to the Mexico construction plant in which the MKZ is built. It may shift the MKZ to Michigan, but its Flat Rock and roll plant is becoming changed into an electric- and autonomous-car hub.

McElroy claims the Ford luxury brand will focus its solutions on crossovers and SUVs, but it’s not likely this is the end for a mid-size Lincoln sedan. Ed Kim, vice director of AutoPacific, feels the MKZ brand is going to be lowered from the Lincoln lineup–but forecasts a new title will discover its way on to a successor. “We discovered a move with the 2019 Continental, it absolutely was the first Lincoln product which journeyed clear of alphanumerics to a new labeling framework,” Kim affirms. “The MKZ label will likely be placed out to pasture but one thing efficient will change it out and it can have an actual label.”

2019 Lincoln MKZ 2019 Lincoln MKZ Review & Changes

2019 Lincoln MKZ

When the Lincoln lineup is down on crossovers and SUVs compared to the Germans, Kim provides, “The function of a sedan is certainly more valuable for Lincoln than it is for other manufacturers due to the fact it is a brand that also has the attraction with more aged and classic consumers. These consumers favor sedans to crossovers and SUVs.” AutoPacific data reveals the MKZ was one of the finest-offering Lincolns last year, at 30,500 models in 2016. Just ahead of time of it: the mid-size MKX crossover SUV at 31,000 products.

2019 Lincoln MKZ Specs 2019 Lincoln MKZ Review & Changes

2019 Lincoln MKZ Specs

AutoPacific states the MKZ successor will probably be built on the new D6 platform, as will the next Ford Explorer and Fusion. The modular platform may be built in front-, rear-, or all-wheel-drive type. Kim claims if Lincoln’s smart, its MKZ substitute will probably be rear-wheel drive.